About US

Centre for Arthroscopic Surgery and Rehabilitation of Sports Injury (CARE sports injury) is a specialist centre that provides both non-surgical and surgical treatment of sports injuries of all the major joints of the body, including shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle. Most of the surgical procedures ae performed in the least invasive way (key-hole) surgery and as a day-care procedure (same day surgery).

The Chairman and Chief Surgeon Dr Saseendar, is an internationally trained, fellowship accredited Arthroscopy and Sports surgeon, with special training in the field in the United States of America, Switzerland, London, United Kingdom and Singapore.

The team also consists of well trained sports physical therapists for rehabilitation of sports injuries either without surgery or after surgery.

We, at CARE sports injury, strive to provide you top quality and affordable care for all your sports injuries.


  • Provide easy access to comprehensive care of sports and ligament problems of the knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist, ankle and hip
  • Provide high level of customized quality health care at affordable prices for all patients with sports-related injuries
  • Provide teaching programs regarding prevention of sports injuries and highest quality orthopaedic and sports medicine care to the community, the nation and the world
  • Strive to serve our patients with compassion and make available the best possible care to help them achieve their goals and return to an active, rewarding and comfortable life


  • Make the highest quality of sports injury management available to all at affordable prices
  • Integrate rehabilitation, performance enhancement, education and research to create a regionally recognized sports medicine center
  • Form of a triad of academic and clinical integration between sports teams, sports therapists/ sports physicians and sports surgeons in order to work towards better prevention and better management of sports injuries