Runner’s knee

Runner’s knee

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“Runner’s knee” refers to a group of several medical conditions that cause pain around the front of the knee. It is common among athletes who place heavy stress on the knees during their sport eg. , running, basketball, skiing, cycling and soccer.

What causes runner’s knee?

  • Patellar maltracking (Misaligned kneecap)
  • Patella dislocation
  • Excessive training or overuse
  • Quadriceps or hamstring tightness
  • Quadriceps or hamstring weakness
  • Flat feet

How does a runner’s knee present?

  • Dull, aching pain around the kneecap.
  • Pain usually aggravates on walking up or down stairs, kneeling, squatting and sitting with knee bent for long periods. These are situations where there is a lot of stress transmitted across the patellofemoral joint

How is the condition treated?

Nonsurgical Treatment

  • Refraining from activities that hurt the knee eg., running, jumping, etc.
  • Rest, ice, compression, elevation (R.I.C.E. therapy) and an anti-inflammatory medication will help reduce the initial pain and swelling.
  • A knee brace will help to walk without pain and limp.


If the pain does not subside with the above treatment, an arthroscopic (key-hole) surgery may be needed to remove damaged cartilage or to realign the kneecap.

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